Moose Sponsorship

Meadow Park Insurance Agency was a proud sponsor for the prestigious semi-annual Moose Golf Classic.


2017 Champions

  • Spring: “Low Lifes” – Rob Stamp, Mike Ratliff, Jon Kadane and Tom Pallett, 65-69-134.

Low Lifes Jon Kadane and Rob Stamp display the Doug Lindsey Memorial Award.

2016 Champions

  • Fall: “Donner Party” – John Helvey, Carter Schane, Nick Higgins and Jim Chapin, 60-61-121.

Jim Chapin shows the way on 18 for Carter Schane, Nick Higgins and John Helvey.

  • Spring (at Innsbrook): “Troubadours” – Chris Doskocil, Nick Higgins, Chuck Post and Woody Thurby, 57-56-113.

Nick Higgins, Chris Doskocil, Chuck Post and Woody Thurby rarely struck a bad chord.

2015 Champions

  • Fall: “Date Rapers” – Marc Hendricks, Todd Kohlfeld, Jim Lange and Ric Probst, 62-64-126.

Marc Hendricks and Ric Probst administer the finishing touches.

  • Spring: “Ship For Brains” – Chris Doskocil, Nick Higgins, Jim Hellmann and Tom Pallett, 62-65-127.

2014 Champions

  • Fall (at Innsbrook): “Snakeskin Cowboys” – Jim Hellmann, Spike, Jerry Pinnon and Tom Barnes, 61-60-121.

Jim Hellmann, Tom Barnes, Jerry Pinnon and the psychedelic Spike, who always seems to be lurking in the shadows.

  • Spring (at Rend Lake): “MFers” – Steve Schiwinger, Mitch Harmon, Justin Foster and Ron Markes, 60-35–95 (event shortened by weather to 27 holes).

MFers clockwise, from left: Mitch Harmon, Steve Schiwinger, Justin Foster and Ron Markes.



2013 Champions
  • Fall (at Rend Lake): “Switch Hitters” – Steve Schiwinger, Mitch Harmon, Justin Foster and (for the only shot he can remember) Jeffio, 63-68–131.

Stooges at 18th tee


  • Spring (at Rend Lake): “Desperadoes” – Stan Schewe, Doug Schewe, Bud Hanel and Tim Lindsey, 67-67–134.

Tim, Bud, Doug and Stan carded a pair of 67s.



2012 Champions
  • Fall (at Rend Lake): “Fiddle Sticks” – Marc Hendricks, Todd Kohlfeld, Jim Lange and Ric Probst, 68-65–133.

Jim Lange gives it a run, studied by Marc Hendricks, Todd Kohlfeld and Ric Probst.



  • Spring (at Rend Lake): “Last Responders” – Marc Hendricks, Todd Kohlfeld, Jim Lange and Ric Probst, 66-64–130.
Spring 2012 champions Last Reponders.

Clockwise, from top left: Marc Hendricks, Ric Probst, Jim Lange and Todd Kohlfeld.

2011 Champions
  • Spring (at Rend Lake): “Meager Beavers” – Chuck Langland, Bud Hanel, Tim Lindsey, 66-70–136.

Moose Champs Tim Lindsey, Chuck Langland and Bud Hanel.

Spring 2011 champs Tim Lindsey, Chuck Langland and Bud Hanel.


  •    Fall (at Oak Terrace): “Cheat Squad” – Jon Kadane, Larry Speichinger, Tom Pallett, 64-60–124.

Spike, Jon Kadane and Tom Pallett ruled the roost.



2010 Champions
  • Spring (at Oak Terrace) : “Under The Influence” – Steve Schiwinger, Eric Bergmann, Mitch Harmon & (sort of) Jeffio, 62-60–122.

Mitch Harmon gets taken advantage of on the very first hole.

  •   Fall (at Rend Lake): “Second Coming” – Jerry Pinnon, Tom Barnes, Josh Rezac & Dan Greene, 59-64–123.

Fall 2010 Champs Tom Barnes, Dan Greene, Jerry Pinnon and Josh Rezac.


Hecklers jeer players completing Round 1.

Hecklers fill the gallery at the 18th green watching competitors complete Round 1 on a glorious Saturday in Pana, Ill.

Dave Will finds the attention around green slightly intimidating.

Moosers tended to drop everything when Brittany came around.

Tim Nilson tees off for first Moose

Tim Nilson had reason to be teed off. He was one of three rookies taking in their first Moose in October 2014 at Innsbrook Resort.

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