Safeco Boat Dock Coverage

Safeco, one of our valued partners, acted upon agent feedback in 2009 to introduce the broadest boat dock coverage we’ve ever seen. Customers in Missouri now have the option of scheduling their private dock under valuable articles coverage similar to the way many people protect expensive pieces of jewelry.

Since coverage is provided on an “open perils” basis, damage caused from weight of ice and snow is now available for Missouri homeowners insuring their lakefront property with Safeco. This cause of loss for other structures like this is not included in most homeowners policies. Just ask any of those boat owners at the Lake of the Ozarks who suffered uncovered losses a few winters back how costly that was and how happy they were to learn their policy didn’t cover it.

  • Only available as part of a Missouri homeowners policy covering the single-family property where the dock is located.
  • Coverage amount is equal to the full replacement cost of the dock and any permanently attached equipment, such as hydro-lifts.
  • Annual cost is 40 cents per $100 of coverage.
  • Since it’s scheduled as a rider on the Safeco homeowner policy, there is no deductible for covered damage to the dock.

And the sign says community docks need not apply. This coverage is only available for one- or two-slip docks insured under the Missouri Safeco homeowners policy covering the house.

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