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  • Hope there’s a spring in your step after a look around

    It’s time to give your house the once over for signs of trouble you could do without    POSTAGE  by Rob Stamp You have to admit it’s wonderfully delightful when the weather breaks every spring and you can’t wait to get outside for some fresh air. I hope you are able to venture out to enjoy […]

    April 2, 2015

  • Help for those getting hitched over the holidays

    Unfortunately, you can’t ignore the possibility of a little heartbreak from time to time    POSTAGE  by Rob Stamp Did you know more couples get engaged during December than any other month? It must be the egg nog (or, more likely, it may have more to do with what gets poured with the nog). Otherwise, how else to explain why a […]

    December 22, 2014

  • Not sure how Halloween could be any more frightening

    It’s scary to think of one night’s risks to personal safety, property and bank accounts Here are 11 Halloween safety tips endorsed by Trusted Choice®, the affiliation Independent Insurance Agents like us at Meadow Park belong: Don’t be a scary driver. Drive sober, slowly and even more carefully than usual on Halloween. Watch for children […]

    October 31, 2014

  • Triple trouble for AAA policyholders

    Company’s new minimum wind and hail deductibles really blow   POSTAGE  by Rob Stamp We’ve spent a lot of time lately counseling customers who followed our recommendation to place their personal insurance business with AAA. Most of the conversations include a confession of sorts, wishing we hadn’t. We facilitated many switches to AAA since we contracted with […]

    June 24, 2014

  • A homeowners policy may help keep your head above water

    Then again, maybe it won’t. What’s your policy?   POSTAGE  by Rob Stamp It’s been drilled into us since we were young sprouts. Honesty is the best policy. Seeing how I make a living in a position of trust, I’d be a damned fool to dispute that. Instead, this little exercise is to point out […]

    December 11, 2013

  • Is your home ready for Old Man Winter?

    Here are 10 suggestions for winterizing your house you may find rather helpful   POSTAGE  by Rob Stamp Before the temperature drops, winds begin to howl and snow begins to fall, you might want to spend a few minutes getting your house in order. Without taking some of these preventive measures, a homeowner may very well be overcome with a case of […]

    October 17, 2013

  • Give renters insurance the old college try

    Students away at school should consider getting their own coverage.   POSTAGE by Rob Stamp It’s that time of year when parents send off their kids to college, hoping that their sons or daughters are making the most of the experience and praying that an uncertain job market doesn’t undercut the investment they’ve made in their children’s education. It’s […]

    August 8, 2013

  • Homeowners A to Z

    What you didn’t know. And, in all likelihood, what you wish you didn’t.   POSTAGE by Rob Stamp Anxious. Describes feeling a homeowner gets when a tornado warning is posted, or how it feels finding your renewal bill in the day’s mail. Bent over. Position you are convinced to find yourself in when dealing with anything involving insurance. Coverage amounts. The […]

    July 10, 2013

  • Some things, like meteors, could hit home hard

    No one wants to see their house surrounded by cops on the evening news, either.   POSTAGE  by Rob Stamp It’s not every day when current events unfold and you wonder if you’d be covered for what might otherwise be considered the unthinkable. Would damage to your property be covered if it were struck by […]

    March 13, 2013

  • Before your renewal ends up in the bottom of the paper pile …

    Here are a few steps to follow. And you still won’t need to bore yourself to tears trying to read it all.    POSTAGE  by Rob Stamp I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to setting aside important paperwork, promising to dig right in at the first opportunity. Yeah, you know how that always end […]

    February 27, 2013